Japan dissatisfied with sex!

According to a survey about sex satisfaction, Japan ranked at the lowest!


Fifty-seven per cent of men and 64 per cent of women in the Asia-Pacific region responding to a survey reported dissatisfaction with their sex lives, news reports said.

People in only three of the 13 countries where the pharmaceutical firm Pfizer Inc conducted its survey reported satisfaction rates of more than 50 per cent.

India ranked the highest with 73 per cent of respondents to the Asia-Pacific Sexual Health and Overall Wellness survey saying they were satisfied. It was followed by the Philippines at 52 per cent, Taiwan at 51 per cent and New Zealand at 40 per cent.

Japan ranked the lowest at 10 per cent.

The survey by the company that makes the “blue pill” was also conducted in Australia, China, Hong Kong , Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.

“We found that greater sexual satisfaction is strongly associated with greater satisfaction with life overall,” Sydney-based sexual health doctor Rosie King, who led the survey, was quoted as saying by the Star newspaper.

“Generally, men and women who are highly satisfied with their sex life have a more positive outlook on their relationships and life,” she said Tuesday at a roundtable discussion in Kuala Lumpur.

King added that the lack of sexual satisfaction was linked to erectile dysfunction, adding that men suffering from the condition might suffer from lack of self-confidence or depression.

The survey was conducted from May to July among 2,016 sexually active men and 1,941 sexually active

Source: Yahoo News

Bad news indeed considering the low birth rate that Japan has at this moment. But it is not a serious problem if some measures are taken!


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