Peeking under a girl’s skirt with a Webcam!?

If you are familiar with Overflow´s Cross Days the game, you probably know that it can be played with interesting add-ons that can improve gameplay a little bit more. Now, Webcams can also be used in videogames with the purpose of imitating reality in the most unusual ways.


The game is called Tech48 by Teatime and it uses webcams and face-tracking technology, which detects the player´s location.  When you move from left to right side of desk, a girl in the game will follow you to give her eyes back on you.


This kind of eyes/face-tracking usage on games is not really the first challenge. A game like EyeToy:Play on Playstation 2 senses your move and use it as an user input instead of using joypad for years ago.


What Teatime claims that theirs is very innovative and the first time in history is, broader application of the technology. For example, when you let the cam recognize you are crouching, the game shows inside of the girl’s skirt.

The product has not been available yet, however, Teatime calls 100 early monitors.

Source: Asiajin

I wonder how far imagination will push the boundaries of innovation…and sanity.


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