Space Gundam V: What a ripoff?!

Fans of Gundam and Macross…Rejoice!! The best of both worlds are here and it`s name is Space Gundam V! When I read the post at Akiba Today, I did a research to find more information and couldnt avoid the laugh and publish this as I found it really ridiculous. Honestly, what a ripoff!




Space Gundam V is a Korean robot anime broadcast there in the early 1980s. The robot design is worthy of special mention. However you look at it, it is exactly the same as the Valkyrie in Super Dimension Fortress Macross. The series is also called “Gundam,” even though it has absolutely nothing to do with Mobile Suit Gundam…





The controversy all started on April 9 with a report on the anime by Shonen Korea Report. Following a description of the anime, the report stated, “[Korean-made] Space Gundam V toy robots are made with excessively elaborate detail, winning the admiration even of Japanese technicians.”

Internet users in Japan have been posting comments such as:

“Is this fishing (starting conversations that are likely to anger others in order to start up a controversy)?”

“Is this a joke?”

“Even if they’re good at ripping things off…”

Source: Akiba Today

This is the chronological order for the series…You can be sure of something if you read it closely:

  • 1979.04 (Japan): Gundam[the first series]
  • 1982.10 (Japan): Macross[Robotech]
  • 1983.07 (korea): Space Gundam V

I really wonder what the creators of Macross and the original Gundam thought about this (Remember, this is from the 80´s) but We DO know what the fans are thinking now!


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