Haruhi Endless Eight DVD Goodies!?

With all the episodes of Haruhi Endless Eight, the obvious thing for Kadokawa is to sell them on DVD, but there is a problem…NOT many are willing to pay big bucks for a DVD filled with the same thing. Think about it…How they are going to sell 6+ episodes of the same story? The answer is simple….

Uruchai, Uruchai, Uruchai!
Let me think Haruhi, please

BUNDLES…GOODIES…EXTRAS, Etc!…Well, here are some suggestions for Kadokawa…



Yuki Nagato’s mask used in Endless Eight…so you can feel her pain perhaps?…Image courtesy of Akibablog!



TONS of Haruhi soundtracks so you can listen at them, over and over…like the Endless Eight!


A FREE copy of Groundhog Day, so you can watch it over and over….and over!..and probably the Grounghog movie is better than E8!

A DVD special extra featuring the Führer!

A date with Hirano Aya…and you can see her at least 15524 TIMES! (Photo is a fake, if you wonder)


A Molotov Bomb so you can throw it at Kadokawa offices…matches not included, but they should include it anyway!

Well, there could be many other things I can´t imagine…and I really can´t imagine how Kadokawa will sell those DVD´s…They better add something REALLY good!…Any other ideas?


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