ENOZ here, Ready to Rock!

The March Month of Megax Reviews continues into the second week! As you may have seen, the ENOZ CD featuring Aya Hirano-san singing came out on February 24th. I do apologize for the lateness of this review, but I won’t apologize for why it’s late as you’ll see next week.

To begin with, the CD “Imaginary ENOZ featuring Haruhi” has three new songs and three old songs by ENOZ. The old songs are the two insert songs featured on the Tsumeawase CD “God Knows….” and “Lost my music” as well as the final song on the SoundAround Drama CD “First Good-bye” which takes place chronologically following the Live A Live Concert.

So what’s new? Three songs entitled “Star Way to Heaven”, “Secret of Sensation”, and “When I was in Love.”

When I first heard the new songs, I didn’t think anything about them was special, but after listening a few times, I’ve noticed that the chorus beat in “When I was in Love” has a rhythm that I find rather catchy making it my favorite of the bunch (even over the old songs).

Hirano-san brings her best vocals to the job and makes this album sound much better than Super Driver or any of her character songs. She’s consistent in her vocals and doesn’t try to overdo any note. It’s a good mini-album.

The inserts are shots from the Live a Live show. Due to the small size, I cannot tell the quality to see if Kyoto Animation has made any touch-ups on the shots. The original footage was some of the higher quality animation from the 2006 episodes, so it still looks very nice.

The only negative I can really state about this CD is the cost. For the price of a real album, to only have three new songs on it is rather cheap of Lantis and Kadokawa. I don’t regret buying it as a Haruhist with a little bit of extra money, but others may (and have in Japan) vary against it. If you really like Aya Hirano and would like to support the Haruhi music, then get it. If not, there’s always Youtube when you have it stuck in your head.

Up later this weekend will be a review of the Gensou DVD and next week’s review features the music for the Disappearance movie and a surprise!


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