DE-Evolution of Sharing Anime and other stuff!

Back to my old days, when internet was just surfacing and I was interested about getting anime “online”, I remember the time when people bought several VHS tapes from fansubbers in the U.S.A. Titles such as Rayearth, Card Captor Sakura, and many more were available for a cheap price, paying only the shipping and the VHS…Yeah, you read that well…VHS, when there was no DVD! God, I am old!

Then, IRC came and it was a blessing. People can download anime / movies / games / etc. instead of  “buying” them. That´s evolution but of course, not exactly legal. It was not an easy task because people had to be there to ask the bot every single episode.

Next step in the evolution process…Direct links and Torrents…Wish Darwin was here to see it!

But now, times are changing and for what I see now, sharing might end as We know it now.  Good things are NOT free.

Megaupload was closed, many direct links sites (Filesonic, Fileserve, etc) are falling and probably will close…Torrent probably will follow…Everything is happening and probably the Mayans were right about 2012! 😈

We are going back to the old days…Not a bad thing at some points. Try to guess which ones!

I asked the question among my friends,  What to do if you cant get your stuff (torrent, direct links, sharing sites, etc) and many replied silly answers:

1- Sell my computer and instead buy a playstation.
2- Order illegal dvds from Asia (the old fashioned way)
3- Go to underground channels like MIRC (Again, the old fashioned way)
4- Quit Hollywood, Quit Anime, QUIT THE FUC.*. Internet

Of course, there are other alternatives. You can pay for it. You can Crunchy roll it. You can get expensive import anime that you can´t review before you buy. Bandai and other companies who quit selling their stuff in the US might come back and you can buy again….or simply, You can just QUIT it.

Don´t get me wrong on this. I own several DVD´s and some blu ray (including dissapearance of Haruhi) but at this point, when big Hollywood companies, the MPAA, BIG BROTHER, etc are pushing people to buy their stuff and sometimes a really bad product, I don´t feel the spirit or the motivation to buy, especially when economic problems are rising all over the globe. This is just bad PR!

It seems We are going back to the 30´s when prohibition was imposed, when the government banned liquor and people had to drink underground. Are We going back to the old days?

Truly, I don´t know and frankly, I don´t think too much about it. Priorities are changing and now, I am a family man, first and an Otaku second.

The only thing I know, and sure all this situation pisses me off is that this is truly a DE-EVOLUTION!


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