Japan: “I really shouldn’t do that sort of thing myself…”

There is a survey published by goo Ranking where they asked: “What behaviour by Japanese people abroad that they have seen and thought “I really shouldn’t do that sort of thing myself…” Well, here are the results and it might be quite fascinating:

Q1: What actions by Japanese overseas have you seen and thought you should ensure not to emulate? (Sample size=1,083)

Rank Score
1 Letting children be noisy in public places and not checking them 100
2 Buying up lots and lots of brand items 96.4
3 Leaving bags on seats to book them 80.6
4 Slurping food, drink in restaurants 78.9
5 Not experiencing the sights directly, but instead seeing through a camera, video lens 73.1
6 Letting it all hang out too much and going out in underwear-like clothes 71.3
7 Getting ripped-off by high-pressure sales 69.9
8 Never tipping 66.3
9 Wandering around the hotel in slippers 65.2
10 Opening luggage in the hotel lobby, airport, etc 60.6
11 Fixing make-up in a public place 53.4
12 Gathering in the hotel lobby as a group and chatting 53.0
13 Seeing parents in a fix with their children but not helping 52.0
14 Taking kids to a posh restaurant 45.2
15 Using a parasol in busy locations 43.0
16 Taking shoes off in a public place 39.4
17 Staring at a guide book when walking around and bumping into people 38.7
18 Going round all the stores where celebrities shop 38.4
19 At the cash register, converting prices to yen on a calculator to decide whether to buy or not 36.2
20 Replying with “No English!” when someone tries to talk to them in English 35.8

Source: Goo rankings via What Japan thinks

For an example, check Sakura. She is doing #16…thanks to her brother.



Next time Sakura, read this post.


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