Oreimo S2 Ep 11 – Kuroneko vs Ayase!

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I never thought that Kyosuke x Kirino heart sticker still gave trouble to those two. Kyosuke´s Mom and Dad seems that “forbidden” relationship dangerous so Dad decides to sent Kyosuke to a separate house and only can come back if He gets an A+ in the exams. Great!

Oreimo S2 - 11

It is good to see Kirino being a less bitchy person and have some heart for his brother.

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Highlights of this episode includes a visit from Kanachan, Ayase and Kuroneko.

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Visit from Kanachan had its cute moments.

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However, Ayase´s visit was more interesting as We see some comedy here. She even gave him a knife as a present.

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Then Kuroneko came to visit and hell broke loose. We even saw a yandere moment from Ayase.

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The thing I enjoyed the most was the “fight” between Kuroneko and Ayase. It was a great interaction between those two who fought for Kyosuke in a sort of way. And I thought that Ayase cosplay was going to be used in a convention or something. It was just for that “fight” between Kuroneko and her. It was cool.

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AWWWW, She miss him!

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Manami also appeared briefly and somehow, She was the mastermind for the events on this episode.

I sure missed the “otaku” magic on the first season and this season became like only the shadow of the first season. We only see Kyosuke relationships and drama, some comedy moments here and there. Next episode sure shall prove interesting as for what it seems, Ayase is going to have more on screen time.


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