Oreimo S2 Ep 12 – Sayonara Onii-san!

The moving party is almost ready and Six people will be in an small room. It might sound like fun but actually, it can be very dangerous. There are conflicts arising here and there.

Oreimo S2 - 12

Ayase looks priceless here!

Oreimo S2 - 12 -093

Oreimo S2 - 12 -094

Oreimo S2 - 12 -111

Ok, lets see the guests…We have Kirino, Manami, Ayase, Kanao, Saori, Kuroneko, and of course, Kyosuke. 6 women and 1 man there. Ok…

Oreimo S2 - 12 -119

Oreimo S2 - 12 -066

Oreimo S2 - 12 -123
Everything seems to be fine until Kanako opened her mouth. Well, you can imagine the pointless discussion that arised. There are lots of hate stares and electric sparks everywhere. At the end, Kirino stopped the useless discussion, for his brother´s sake. Kirino proposed Ayase to help Kyosuke do the chores until the exams. Bad choice? Well, We will see.

Oreimo S2 - 12 -138

Oreimo S2 - 12 -154
Second half of the episode, is all about Ayase and Kyosuke living in the same roof for a couple of hours.

Oreimo S2 - 12 -181

Oreimo S2 - 12 -182

Oreimo S2 - 12 -186

Things begin to look eerie as Ayase is taking a shower, Kyousuke is curious and Kuroneko sister appears. Finally, the exams are done and for what it seems, Kyosuke can go back home. However Ayase visiting Kyosuke had its effects. Ayase confessed. but…

Oreimo S2 - 12 -249

Oreimo S2 - 12 -254

Oreimo S2 - 12 -261

Oreimo S2 - 12 -281

Oreimo S2 - 12 -284
Kyosuke says He loves someone else…OH…Now what…Last episode is next week and We will have to wait for the rest of the episodes on August.  You can just imagine whos that person Kyosuke loves, dont you? It was sort of sad to see Ayase rejected, oh well!


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