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Sorry for the late post. I was chased by that female titan but managed to escape!!! Nah, it was a busy weekend and just wanted to stay away from the computer. Just watched the episode and it was good. I think the only bad episode I watched was that recap. Anyway, the episode was not focused on the action but in the relationship between Eren, Levi and the recon corps. It was good to see they explored the relationship between this characters, especially Eren and Levi.


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I must say that sometimes I hate flashbacks because it delays the pacing of the story but on the other hand, it is good because it helps the audience to explain what happened before the main events We see at the moment. In this particular case, it was a delight. Hanji antics was a fun sight to see. She is truly a titan fanatic. We also discovered why Eren turns into a Titan. At first, I thought it was contact with metal but it was weird because there were no metal to be seen around when Eren turned into a titan in the past. Eren need to focus and have a goal in mind so He can turn into a titan. Ahh, now We understand.


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Also, the way the recon corps freaked out when Eren turned into a titan and then when they saw the real truth behind the transformation and how they apologized. Very touching and Levi defending Eren was the cherry on top of that. Nice!


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At the end, Eren almost turned into the titan so He could fight the female one but He choose to trust the recon corps and keep running. (That flashback was the key to understand why He chose that) It came with a reward as Levi had a plan all the way, to capture the female titan.  This series has tons of surprises and this episode was not a letdown.


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