Lineage II Dark Elf PVC Figure Review!



Look what Santa brought me this Christmas…An elf! Not just any elf, She is from Lineage II and She is gorgeous. Max Factory bring us this new beauty and She is really stunning. Love every detail. I bought the brown version because I think She looks better and her clothes fits perfectly her color. Lets check out this figure and every detail.


The good stuff










First of all, She is a 1/7 figure but when I unboxed her, I thought She was a little bit larger than that scale. Her curves are really nice. The details of her face, her clothes, her scepter…Even the base was great! Max Factory really got it right.




Taking a close up of her, I really like her face, the blue eyes, the lips…Gawd, She is Hot!





On another shot, She is a dangerous elf. You can see all the pointy edges. The instructions reads out to be careful with those pointy parts. Be careful with the nails too. Unlike our nails, those can easily break and they dont grow again…About the Scepter, I really like the detail. The crystal looks like an amber stone and you can look thru it. How nice!




The cape has such an amazing level of detail and best of all, it is castoffable. It means you can remove it and expose her nice assets.




The not so good stuff

The base can hold firmly the figure. No tower of Pisa here. However, I am not sure if the figure will eventually bend to one side. Time will tell.  Also, The price is not cheap on this one. I wonder if someday this kind of figures will come with a lower price tag…Keep dreaming…

Finally, I am a little bit afraid of breaking those nails.  It is a sexy thing but also, it can be a pain in the butt if you break it.

Final Impression

I am happy with this figure. I love female elves and this one is really nice. If you want to see more photos, visit our facebook page.


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