The Simpsons 25×3 Review: Hayao Miyazaki and Stan Lee!

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The Story

“Married to the Blob,” finds Comic Book Guy realizing that his comics are nothing if he doesn’t have anyone to share them with. He meets a Japanese woman writing an autobiographical manga and marries her after proving himself and his comic bookstore worthy to her dad.

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My Impressions

Oh boy, this is one of those episodes that inspires me to be the comic book store guy. After some failure in romance, it was time this guy gets some happiness. This episode featured two legends…sort of. Stan Lee or at least, an imaginary version of him and Hayao Miyazaki…Well, at least the imaginary world of him.



Comic Store Guy got lucky with a japanese girl, Kumiko and They had a romantic encounter and shared lots of funny moments. Unfortunately, Homer as “usual” causes some trouble and make Kumiko´s dad to think about this relationship.  Luckily, Hayao Miyazaki came to the rescue…sort of. This episode also has lots of japanese anime references, all from Hayao Miyazaki movies. Amazing. I really got some good laughs and it was fun to spot the references.

At the end, the Comic Store guy found his soulmate. It was one of the best The Simpsons episode ever and had a lot of great japanese references since “The Simpsons visit to Japan” and “Mr. Sparkles” episode. It also featured Stan Lee, another nice guest. We need more of him after this episode.


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